What is time batching and why you should be doing it if you work from home!

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Have you been hearing the phrases “batch work” or “time batching” everywhere? If not. You need to! This will up your productivity in your business and give you back some time!

Why you need time batching when you work from home

Time batching sounds pretty awesome when you hear it like that! It is. If you are an entrepreneur batch work can be your saving grace. It’s not difficult and can be implemented TODAY!

So, what is Time batching and why do you need to use it when you work from home?

Time batching is a simple time-management productivity hack that allows you to take advantage of your full concentration by grouping a bunch of similar activities together and doing them all at the same time.

Simple enough right? Right! Something so simple can give you back so much time. Make you concentrate better and be sharp.

It’s easy when you run your own business or even  just with life in general to get burnt out.  Like REAL easy! (I have 5 tips for staying happy and productive when working from home.) Have those days where you find yourself plopping down on your couch after just going a million miles an hour, from one place to another, doing this and that.  To exhausted to stand. Thinking throughout the day “I’m freaking Superwoman!”  and “Someone should give a medal!” . . . Yeah me too! I’ll take a GOLD medal, mmmkay?!

You can make it working from home

While I’ll be the first to tell you 1) You ARE freaking Superwoman and 2) Step up on the podium, lean that gorgeous head down here so I can loop this well deserved medal over your neck while your theme song plays and the crowd chants your name!  YOU DESERVE it!  But also to let you know a little hack that has made me feel less of a stress case, worn down mess.  That phrase again TIME BATCHING!


It minimizes your start-up and shut-down time.

Think how much time you take getting what you need set up, found, logged in to and going.  Then moving on to the next thing doing the same thing.

Time batching reduces your daily mess!

It simplifies your clutter.  Nothing drives me more crazy, sucks my creativity and ambition like a freaking mess!  It’s distracting.  Requires clean up to keep focused and takes, you guessed it TIME!

My favorite, It improves your focus!

Instead of being in a thousand directions at once. Your focused on one group of things.  You are in the ZONE!  No better place to be, am I right? Did you know it takes an average of 15 minutes to focus once distracted!  Yeah, that can add up and fast!!

So, how can you start implementing time batching in your business?  I’ve got some easy steps to start implementing TODAY!  For real, give these a shot!  You’re stress levels are sure to go down.

I use this for work and everyday life.


Set days you work on certain projects/tasks.  For example: Write blog posts on certain days, so you are in the flow. I’ll be the first to admit that’s not the easiest one because when I’ve got an idea, I HAVE an idea! Not having to focus on anything else but writing.  Another day do JUST photo shoots.  These days can be long but you’re set up, ready and doing it.  Instead of running around.  Trying to be creative, write, then get ready. Take down and then set it up the next day.  Uh! So much work.  Talk about a BURN OUT!

How time batching helps with meetings

Schedule your meetings for cetain days.  That way you are in the mindset, you are sharp and at your best for those big deals.  No one wants to feel scatter brained, unsure, unable to make clear decisions or get your point across.  You’re freaking SMART, you GOT THIS!  Let that show like you deserve.

One of my favorite ways to set a schedule is with my Passion Planner.  I really love putting pen to paper, writing out my week, days, gratuity and having a place for it.  I also, love using Trello.  This is the perfect place to electronically put your to do, your schedule to sync up with Google Calendar to have eveything in there color coded with a reminder/notification to pop up on your computer or phone.

Trello is great to keep you on track, you can implement check lists that you can check off.  Nothing gets me more excited than being able to check off a to do box!  Anyone else?  I love that I can use Trello on my computer but also have the app, so I can update on the go.  Access important business info, etc.  For real get Trello!  (I’ll share a whole post, and a free template to get you started soon!)

If you are a pen to paper kind of a gal and want a great place to start to plan your days.  Grab my Boss Babe To Do List!

FREE To Do List for Female Entrepreneurs



I do this for a couple of things.  Working in increments.  No distractions.  You are committed and doing it.  You can use a kitchen timer, don’t use your phone put that bad boy on the charger in a different room and walk away.  I love using this gorgeous Soft Glow Silent Timer and Light.  It’s a stress free way to have a timer, no buzzing.  It just lights up when your time is up!   Give yourself an hour to just dive in and DO.  You will be surprised how focused you are.

Checking my email, was turning into a weird addiction. LOL.  I now only allow myself to check it morning and night. iPhone users can now go to their settings>screen time> apps.  Give yourself a feasable limit to be able to check in but get locked out like a “Hey dummy!  Quit waisting your time!” to yourself.  It’s UNREAL how much time you get back and less distractions you have doing this.  Also, the first couple days can be a wake up call!  Before long, it becomes a healthy habit and a bad addiction you have broken.

How to time batch your work as a blogger

I’ve found if I time block my cleaning I’m a whole new cleaning queen!  You know how you can clean your house better in the 30 minutes before you have company coming over?  It’s the truth right?  Yeah girlfriend that’s because you are basically time batching the shit out of your cleaning and not realizing it.  You have given yourself a set time to clean up and because you are on a time crunch, you are focused, undistracted and ambitious AF.

I prefer to do my time blocked cleaning at night, that way I wake up to clean house that if I do the little things like just wash and put my dish in the dishwasher, etc it stays clean.  Guess what that does?  Leaves me time to be present with my family, focus on work without worrying about the house.  I just act like I’m cleaning before company is coming over.  LOL.

Blogger tip:  If you are going to time batch anything and put it into a chunk.  Make it your photoshoot days!  This helps with getting ready, set up, take down and being in the swing of things.  Get it all done on certain days, shoot for one or two!

Time batching your photoshoot

Since I’ve started to time batch I’ve noticed I’ve literally gained back time.  My stress is lessened.  I feel more productive and creative.  When I started to see results with it, I of course felt the need to let all my entrepreneur friends and clients know about this crazy yet easy concept.  It’s safe to say, it’s been a HIT.  Everyone has found their own way to incorporate time batching.  Whether it’s photo shoot days, editing time blocks, cleaning each night or uninterrupted days.  It’s one of my biggest tips from entrepreneur to entrepreneur!

I’d love to hear if you are time batching and how you do it!  If you aren’t make it a goal and let me know how you are going to start putting it to use in your business!

XX, Brittney

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What is time batching? The best productivity hack for entrepreneurs! Learn how to start using Time Batching your work. This is the best productivity tip for bloggers and working from home. Learn how to schedule your time and have more time!

What is time batching? The best productivity hack for entrepreneurs! Learn how to start using Time Batching your work. This is the best productivity tip for bloggers and working from home. Learn how to schedule your time and have more time!


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  1. Awesome post! I’ve decided to go full force with time batching my blogging tasks because I get so tired of doing the same repeat thing everyday! This way I’m hoping to get more done and not get burnt out!

    • Brittney says:

      I love hearing this! Time batching your blog post whether it’s the writing photos or editing helps tremendously! Those creative juices can just flow instead of feel burnt out or uninspired. I’d love to hear how it’s working out for you! I know my time batching is even more elevated now that school has started! :p

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