Gift Guide for your Hunter or Outdoors-man

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Let me guess, you think your hunter has alllll the things. I feel you! Mine, my hunting husband is pretty good at doing his research, finding the best of the best and some how it just ends up on our steps ??‍♀️?

Gift Guide for the hunter who has it all

I’ve rounded up some of the top picks this last for your hunter. Chances are they’ve been eye balling it but don’t yet have it. I’ve also included a few unique ideas that always end up getting purchased after friends have seen them in use. These are sure to blow your hunters mind. Check out the best Christmas gifts to buy for the hunter in your life below!

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RAX Men’s Wild Wolf Mid Venture Waterproof Lightweight Hiking Boots

Have you seen hiking boots?  uh yeah, they are usually ugly AF and clunky.  LOL.  These are not only really great looking but they are some of the best, most comfortable hiking boots out there.  When all the guys see them they think yeah right, and then all of a sudden they are all buying them.

A new pair of hiking boots are a great gift.  It’s not something everyone gets new every year with everything else they need to get for the hunts.  Your hunter and their feet will thank you!  Plus this is a pretty reasonably priced gift, especially when you consider what hiking boots go for/ like your man will care but you do. . .They look decent 😉  (They fit true to size.)

Buy him these boots here!

King’s Camo XKG Ridge Pant

Here is the deal, hunters have “their” camo.  Everyone and their dog have an opinion about why “their” camo is the best blah blah blah.  I say it’s the hunter wearing the camo that makes it good, there for some camo lacks! Ha!  BUT we love King’s Camo over here.  They are local to Utah and they build camo hunting clothing using highly realistic terrain specific camouflage with high-performing, lightweight fabrics at an affordable price. No brainer!

Let’s talk about these pants though!  The guys are going crazy for the XKG series.  All I could hear about from the hubs was how comfortable these damn pants were.  He was starting to style them with his everyday attire.

They were so fantastic plus I had a big hunt coming up so he spoiled me and bought me the XKG collection.  Yes, our family is basically a walking catalog for them.  Long story short, I get it about these pants. . . Ya’ll these are the equivalent to leggings for men! Ha!  They are so damn comfortable, you can bend, stretch, crawl and they withstand the environment plus all the pockets one would need!

These are 100% worth it, anything from the XKG series will have your hunter beyond pleased with his new camouflage!

Buy him these XKG Camo Pants here!  

Havalon Piranta-Edge Blaze Orange Handle 12 Additional Crazy Sharp Blades

If there is ONE thing from the list that you should get your hunter, It’s this Havalon Knife!  For one it’s affordable about $40 and is a MUST on the field.  These blades truly are sharp, they are made the same way surgical blades are made and my God you can tell!  Once you use one of these there is no going back.  My husband was introduced to these when he was helping some guides on Elk hunts in Idaho.  Since then, every time he has hunted with someone and they use it, they are sold!

Here is why: Obviously we discussed how sharp they are making the job much quicker and easier. The blades are disposable and come with a pack.  So there is no need to stop and sharpen your knife.  You just switch the blades out and keep going on. Makes for a sterile clean up for the next hunt.  If your hunter doesn’t have one of these, get them it now!  They will thank you!

Buy them this super sharp knife here!  

Speaking of meat, if you are trying to figure out a good way to cook up that venison/elk you have to try out our Easy Slow Cooker Elk/Vension Chili Recipe! 

RakAdx Hunting Clothes, Gear & Everyday Wear

RakAdx Hunting

If you aren’t familiar with RakAdx you are missing out on some of the most comfortable shirts, hoodies, hats and more!  Not just for him but for her and kiddos!  Their shirts are high quality and I have to say I steal Cody’s all the time!  I finally have gotten my own and that cowl neck hoodie!

Remember how I told you Cody was starting to wear those XKG pants with his everyday attire, yeah these shirts and hats were included in that get up!  Mmmmhmmm Mr. Long! 😉

I love these shirts because there is something for someone, no matter their style.  They also have a subscription box that would make for an excellent gift, ya know the one that literally keeps on giving!

I need to take a look at all their clothes!  Look and purchase here! 

Random Gifts for your hunter who has it all:

Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS

I don’t have a whole lot of input on this thing other than it’s a GPS and who doesn’t need a GPS.  The peace of mind knowing they know where they were, are and need to go?  These are great for an outdoors-men.  It can help them keep track of where they spotted and bedded an animal by saving their location.  It’s clearly a GPS and can help you find your way to and from.  This new version with touchscreen makes navigating your way around the maps much easier!

Buy a GPS here!



If you are going to get them a GPS these onXmaps are worth getting.  Plus would make a great stocking stuffer.  Or if they already have a GPS, get them a new map and a membership to onXmaps!  Not only can they have the maps on their GPS but the app on their phone too which makes sharing your location with your hunting buddy easy!

Get your hunter some new maps here!

BaoFeng BF-888S Two Way Radio (Pack of 6pcs radios) – Customize Package

Radios.  Chances are they either need new reliable radios or they are always being handed one from one of their buddies!  These Radios go the distance literally, plus come in a six pack which makes it nice for keeping in your camper, hunting box or buggy for your usual group.  They come with charging stands + ear pieces.  Ear pieces are crucial for the hunts.

We bought two packs of these for my husbands Bison hunt, needless to say it went so well and fast we didn’t even use them.  Ha!  I love knowing we have them and can keep up with everyone even if we are far away!  You could even split this pack with a couple other hunters, go in on it with their family to give them.  Everyone wins!

Buy the pack of radios here! 

FOXPRO HammerJack American Made Electronic Predator Call

If your hunter is getting into predator hunting coyotes, etc.  This is the call for them!  I have to say noises annoy the shit out of me. Yes, I’m honest.  But the boys have so much fun going!  I love that Koop and Cody get that time together.

I’ve dealt with FoxPro myself, ya know I’m the techie in this family right?! They were INCREDIBLE to help out and resolve any issues (my fault) right away. You can also purchase more sounds and load to your library which is pretty easy!

 Yeah, they’ve been wanting this call. . . Let’s buy it!

Oh, there is a carry case for it to if you want to go all out! 

Badlands Bino XR Binocular and Rangefinder Case with Harness

These are another must have.  Your hunter most likely has binos.  Nothing is more annoying than packing your binos around, trying not to loose them or using the bungy like strap to raise up and look through.  These are amazing and we all have them!  Even Koop, I’m pretty sure Cody has Rivers some tucked away too.  These strap on and sit on your chest.  It’s a magnetic opening which makes it quiet and easy to access, yes it is strong! All you have to do is reach in and pull out your binos!  It’s so much more convenient.  It also fits a beer or two nicely!

I also really like that these have a rangefinder case with a harness.  Thinking Cody needs one of this style, I swear if “we” lose one more damn range finder. . .

Yeah, they need a new good bino case.  Buy it here!

Vortex Optics Razor HD Roof Prism Binoculars

Wanting to splurge on your hunter?  These are the ticket!  These are INSANE to look through and the clarity is unreal.  They let in light so beautifully even as you are watching your animal bed down and the sun go down!

Vortex Optics has THE BEST customer service and lifetime warranty!  The reason we will continue to buy with them.  Not only are their optics some of the best on the market, you can’t beat their no questions asked warranty.  Because Hello?! You are out in the wilderness, things are going to happen! It’s even more stressful when it’s one of the most important hunting equipment items/most spendy.  Cody (my husband) had his horse step on his, no questions asked Vortex had him a BRAND new pair back to him within 10 days!

So spending this kind of money is worth it and has some comfort behind it.

They deserve some new binos! Get them here!  

EZ Fire Firestarter Gel Packets (50 Pack) Great for Campfires, Backyard Barbecues & any Indoor or Outdoor Fireplace!

Hey what am I here for?  Another odd/Unique gift idea that’s what!  We came across these at our local market a few years ago for my husband packing into the wet woods for a hunt.  He figured he’d give these a try hoping that with the wet wood he’d most likely have to try and start a fire with would ignite.

We were so damn pleasantly surprised with these!  They did just that and was able to get him a fire for dinner and warmth fast.  There is nothing more frustrating after a long cold day!  They are light weight and small so they are easy to throw in your pack/keep in there!  Now it’s hard to start a fire any other way, because well why?!

If your hunter has a big hunt coming up or always out wondering, give them these!  You will have the peace of mind knowing they have a great way to start a fire no matter the conditions.

Buy it for them here!

Also, here’s one for you girlfriend. This works great to put under your Camo or just wear as he totes you around.  Whether it’s shooting, hunting, adventuring or football games. Stay warm and happy! For me if I’m not cold and miserable, I’m enjoying it and making memories. Buy it for yourself or let your partner know you NEED this for the next adventure.  Need I say more. . .

Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket with Battery Pack and Detachable Hood

Not only is she sleek and cute!  She wraps you in the warmth of her heat, so you are just happy as a clam!


I hope that these give you some inspiration for shopping for your hunter.  I know sometimes they seem like they already have it all (insert eye roll) but a few these are unique or could upgrade what they already have.  Think you’ll get them something from this list? What’s something unique you or your hunter use that always gets request of where you bought that?  or what you’d recommend?  I’m always in need of a new hunting rec!

XX, Brittney

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Gift Guide for the hunter who has it all

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