What is reckoning the podcast?

RECKONING is a place for those that want to explore the world. Where friends, professionals and wanders gather around a campfire. Reckoning all things from our outdoor adventures, traveling, hunting, cooking, health, wellness, entrepreneurship, life & more.

REAL life chats, where we shoot the shit. We have real conversations, ask real questions and get real answers from professionals to our laid back personal conversations too!

Where our listeners get to escape to their favorite fire setting through audio with the fire crackling through their speakers. All while they learn, laugh, and/or be inspired to explore.

I feel that by hearing real, raw conversations and teachings from others that made a leap to chase their dreams, or go on their adventures, they’ll be encouraged to step out of fear and into faith — and have the tools to do so. Knowing they aren’t alone! 

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Slow mornings, time in the outdoors, good skincare, moody music, local cafe's and really great hats.

It’s all just a Reckoning.

We are the Reckoning.

the founder


Hey, What’s up?! My name is Brittney Long. If I like you, then you can call me Britt. You are here, so, Britt it is. Thanks for the support!

I own an online management and marketing company. I’ve been in the online space for over 10 years. I finally bit the bullet and really started to focus on building out my own online brand after years of helping so many build theirs to multiple 6 figure + brands. I felt so pulled to my “purpose” for SO fucking long. . . in January 2020 it was time. L to the freaking O.L. We all know what happened next.

However, my marketing agency TOOK OFF due to the pandemic, and I thank God to this day it did. This required me to step back from my own online production due to the high demand and focus on the agency for the time being. This time away came with some big ass Ah-ha moments – RECKONING was born. Finding “my people”, what they needed, what I had to offer and a place in the audio space through podcasting. 




I’ve got hard core RBF. A deep love for all things moody and dark. I’m a ragging introvert who loves being at home or in the woods, with a good cup of coffee or glass of red wine. I always have a follow up question watching a show or talking to someone, love research, learning, fun facts and I’m here for REAL conversations not some fake ass BS. 


Wednesday addams & buth dutton seem to be my spirit animals. I love makeup & obvs halloween


I gotch you bruh!


I am so blessed to have three of the most amazing boys in my life; My best friend and husband (Cody) and our two sons (Kooper and Rivers). Oh, and my main bitch, our dog (Khaleesi), she is a blue heeler corgi mix. 

Working out is my therapy. Where I ease my anxiety (for real, I’m a raging bitch if I don’t get in 5 days a week) find clarity and train to be able to keep up with my boys. I love my functional fitness. Why? So when it’s time to pack out a Bison, I gotch-you bro. 👊🏽

Our family can more times than not be found doing anything outdoors. We are lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of Utah. The mountain range is practically our backyard!! With the mountains so close we are often exploring them; Riding horses, side by side-ing, camping, hunting or fishing, you name it!

Our “unique” time together in the outdoors, the experiences and memories we’ve been able to create by connecting together in nature is what inspired the gist of the podcast. After so many conversations with others, and realizing other people don’t have this with their family, or connection with themselves. 

Whether this is because us, or our kids are so enticed by technology. I’m unsure, but think this contributes. Maybe it’s that the outdoors: hunting and fishing are becoming a thing of the past (deep eye-roll), OR simply just because someone wants to be out exploring but doesn’t even know where to start. 

Growing up I would have been considered a tomboy, I love(d) sports, dirt, camouflage, hunting . (Bowhunting was my first love and is still my sweet spot. ) I was lucky enough to have my dad take me on all the hunts! Oftentimes being the only female in camp. . . let alone a little or teenage girl. He took me with pride and confidence in me. 

I’m no expert but I’m here to learn with you, bring on the experts and ask the questions. Through RECKONING, I’m here to help break the mold of what some may consider to be a thing of the past, and who that person is. To help people connect to themselves and others by stepping away from their technology, fears, intimidation and into nature.

I still love all these things but have found who I truly am; Being able to enjoy all the things that make me “tough” or a “tomboy” and then later cleaning up like you wouldn’t believe 😉

I enjoy all things creative (Beauty/Fashion, Design – graphic and home, Cooking, Photography, Audio, Video) – Hence my career. 

Bringing in all walks of life:

I love sharing all my creations, tips/tricks, ideas, dreams and our family adventures. This is why I first created a website turned Podcast. I wanted to have one central place to share all those ideas and creations going through my head!

I don’t have just one niche subject, a niche isn’t who I am. I am outspoken, honest, a little OCD, loud, creative, dirty, adventurous, full of sweet dance moves and songs, oftentimes a smart ass . . . and occasionally a hot mess, BUT this is ME!

I am the Reckoning.

Thanks, Daddy!

The mom that loves beauty and fashion, all the good juicy tips – then realizes she’d love to go with the boys if she is comfortable and empowered! How cool would it be to spend quality time with them?!

The guy that wants to introduce his kids or those he cares about to hunting, fishing, conservation, nature. He now finally feels confident in being able to take his girls out in the woods knowing he’s prepared and they have all the equipment and snacks to enjoy themselves. Making present memories and sharing experiences.

The badass entrepreneur, who came to learn more business and productivity tips. But damn, he also wants to get out and explore on the weekends, take a much needed break. Through RECKONING he was inspired to go on his first hike, and has all the proper equipment!

Sharing the best wellness from the inside out information: To be able to go harder, longer and further on your next adventure. Or hell, to even just START!

You’ve learned how to enjoy what you harvested through field care and simple recipes the whole family will love. 

All about

Early slow mornings, time in nature, good coffee + food, a killer workout, moody music, learning and time at home


Opening morning (iykyk), artificial people, long meetings, bullsh*t, comparison, band-aid fixes, boring anything.

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