5 Easy Tips to Stay Productive and Happy for Women Working From Home

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Here’s the deal when it comes to working from home we have the sweet, sweet gift of being our own boss. Our own HR. Our own rulebook which often times means working in what you rolled out of bed or the gym in. However, it’s easy to get in a rut and find yourself unahppy.  From my own experience, I have some easy tips for women to stay productive and happy when working from home! 

Grit & Grace Podcast Episode 2

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Don’t worry girlfriend, you are not alone when it comes to this!  We finally are at home doing what we love except now all of a sudden we are feeling down and less efficent.  You’ve really showed the “man” aka corporate YOU’RE in charge and now you’re kicking it in your leggings paired with a messy bun, aren’t you?!  BUT getting ready when you work from home is KEY and I have some tips to get your sh*t together!

Let me preface with my aphinay of so . . . Stick with me, you may have been/are there:

Circa working in corporate enjoying my morning coffee chatting with my co-workers about how we would hear how nice it must be to have a “reason to get ready” or “have to get ready” . . . We discussed how it really was an option we chose because well it made us feel presentable and ready to take on the work day. These “at home” moms or entrepreneurs or BOTH (??‍♀️) could do the same!

Tips to be a happy healthy female entrepreneur

Slap back to reality of the beginning of 2018 I’m having one of those mom days when I realize I haven’t looked in the mirror yet, dishes piled up, working between toddler needs, personal and work to do’s starring at me! Thinking as I touch my mess of a messy bun and knowing I have not brushed my hair “Thank God I have managed brushed by teeth” . . . Okay, so it wasn’t so much of one of those days as it was one of those weeks or a funk I was trapped in. “Who the hell am I?!!!” I’m living my dream. I’m blessed to be at home AND work from home but my ambition and confidence were slipping away.

I made a cup of coffee because coffee is life and as everyone knows brings your super mom powers while making everything better! As I watched it brew I thought of that conversation with my co-workers. Looked down at my second, maybe third day leggings (meh!) and then realized I had to get my sh*t together aka get my damn self ready!

Where to start . . . I’m going to be the woman I want to be. Why wait?! First thing to kick. . . Get ready for it. Those that know me, sit down.


Tips to be a happy healthy female entrepreneur

I wouldn’t be in leggings day in and day out! (Gasp!) I know. BUT I wasn’t willing to give up comfort. I work from home. I chase a toddler. God blesses me with some thiiighs but I wanted to feel ready for the day . . . Back to my roots I went.  AMERICAN EAGLE.  They make flattering high waisted jeans. Imagine those ugly pajama jeans/jeggings and jeans had a baby. These are that precious little miracle.  They come in all washes, styles and even flares!

So you can let your inner Fashion blogger unleash, chase your baby without your tush hanging out, stretch and bend like your rocking your favorite Leggings . With their “X” denim show off that booty you’ve been working so hard for!  I promise, you’re husband won’t be able to come home and walk by you without slapping your ass in them. . . fair warning!  You’ll feel like a fierce boss babe and it will be reflecting from the inside out . . . who knew. . . all that just by putting on something other than yoga pants!

P.S.  Get 20% off at American Eagle when you use this link to shop 🙂  

Set the intention for the day!

So maybe we should start at the begining.  That makes sense after all?!  Wake up and sieze the day!  Enjoy a little you time.  Drink that coffee or tea.  Reflect on the things you are grateful for.  Set your intention for the day.  Write out your To Do List now! I am in love with using my Passion Planner for my to do’s, goal planning and gratituity.  Doing it first thing will set the tone of the day and make you a productivity ninja!  If you are needing a good To Do List for work and personal, try this pretty simple one out!

Tips to be a happy healthy female entrepreneur

Eat Right and Work Out!

Once I figured out I’d get dressed it gave me motiviation to get things done and take care of “getting ready” first thing in the morning. This way it doesn’t get stuck at the back burner with the rest of the dirty dishes.  So, start with a workout and eat right (why do we sometimes forget this?! ) You will be a happier human being and your energy will be through the roof.  Do IT!  Get it DONE!

I’ve fallen in love with CrossFit.  It is so damn good for my soul and competitive spirt.  Not only am I seeing physical changes but the most important and biggest impact is my mental strength.  I go first thing after I drop my oldest off, get it done, out of the way and then on with the day.  My gosh, I can feel when I have done this!  Def create healthy habits.  It feels SO DAMN GOOD!  Everyone around you will thank you!

Shower woman!

Then a SHOWER, oh the magic essence that happens when mama gets a hot shower!  Am I right?  If all else fails and you find yourself in a funk, ask yourself these simple questions:  Have I brushed my teeth today?  Have I showered? . . . Yes, sometimes when you work from home and/or have little minions running around these questions MUST be asked. So, have you?  P.S. The hardest most daunting part about a shower is committing to washing your hair.  Save this task for night times or weekends.  Invest in some Dry shampoo!! <<< That’s hack and necessity in it’s self for getting ready.

How to feel happy as a solo entrepreneur

Get Ready!

Do your hair and makeup.  Here is the deal yes, do your hair and makeup BUT don’t feel like everyday you have to curl and style or go all glam to be ready to feel good about it.  TIP: Go through phases of your hair, clean hair straight, next day dry shampoo + curl it (if you have time.  It should last a few days), Rock the messier curls, try a pony tail, a quick braid, a messy bun and then a fun ball cap!  Then you can wash that hair when you are ready for that type of commitment and start over.  Easy peasy!

MAKEUP have a go to look.  Perfect this!  I can do my go to makeup look in probably 8 minutes and I feel like a million bucks.  I have a few tricks for this: Cream contour.  Falsies, Yup, I’m a rebel and will wear these two days in a row sometimes!  Judge me I don’t care, I’ll just bat my perfectly done and slept in lashes at you boo.  Makeup sponge, bronzer that I use for shadow and a highlight. Should I do a tutorial?

How to feel good when working from home

Spritz some prefume because now I’m feeling like a million bucks and like I want to leave the house?!  (Inverovert said what?!  Yes, like I “want” to leave the house!)  Make some business phone calls, play with my kids and my creative juices are flowing. . .

I hop into one of those boss pants that I can sit criss-cross-apple-sauce in and get to my day!

The best pants for work from home females

Am I saying this has to be an everyday thing?  No!  That’s the beauty of being at home is having the choice or a day where you just don’t want to/have to.  All the other times though get yo’ damn self ready.

Time Batch your work & life!

If you aren’t familiar with Time Batching, you need to be.  I have a whole post dedicated to an indepth look at it and how to.  Basically in a nutshell do certain tasks, assignments, and CLEANING in batches.  Give yourself a set time to do them, distraction free, schedule it in batches!  This makes clean up, shut down time minimal and your focus sharp!

Utilize the days you got ready ready makeup and all for meetings, errands, et only have to make the full blown effort once! LOL.  For real, this will make ALL the difference in the world,  Don’t want to feel like a scattered brain hot mess?  Girl, time batch that shit!

Tips to be a happy healthy female entrepreneur

Have you found yourself in a rut working from home?  What simple things made a big difference to help you feel more like you, productive and ready for the day?  I’d love to hear what’s helped you!

XX, Brittney

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Tips to help happiness and productivity when working from home

How to stay productive and happy as a female entrepreneur

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  1. Valuable advice. I am working on the batching portion myself. Working for yourself can be hard sometimes. How do you push through the tough days?

    • Brittney says:

      It can be tough! I love to use gratitude to push through the tough days. It’s a great reminder for myself and to help center me. I incorporate podcasts that help get my juices flowing or music! I also allow myself to have days off, if I really can’t shake it after I’ve done all of the things above and with gratitude then it’s best to just take the day. It doesn’t serve myself, my audience, clients or family. I suggest finding a community or fellow entrepreneur friend that you can always vent to that understands the unique battles you face. Sometimes just chatting it out and knowing you aren’t alone is just what you need <3 You can always email me and we can chat on tough days! 😉

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