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Hi, i'm Brittney

Britt goes solo this week, answering a few questions she has been receiving recently on creating a morning routine, work routine and how to balance work and mom (parent) life. Learn our best tips we have learned to be the most productive, happy and checking yourself from personal to life.

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I had quiet a couple asking my morning routine, probably because if you know me or have been here a while you know I’m all about starting my day with my ritual so I wanted to outline it here. . with school starting and fall approaching I think everyone is ready to re-evaluate their routines and get ready for the new season.

Brittney’s Morning Routine:

Drink all my water that I have waiting on my night stand from my favorite straw cup. Then I get to the good stuff. . . my cup of coffee.

My Cup of Coffee: Black Rifle Coffee Company AK-Espresso, Frothed Fairlife Milk with Cinnamon sprinkled ontop. If I’m feeling festive: A shot of skinny syrup (Pumpkin or Caramel) and a little sea salt.

Then I get cozy while I enjoy my coffee, with a blanket, good music and sip and wake up a little. While I continue to sip I work on my journaling/writing/to-do.

Check out Britt’s moody creative apple music playlist here!

What’s on Britt’s Journal/Writing/To-Do:

Date, 3 personal to dos (with check mark boxes, of course!), What’s for Dinner, Workout. Then, Good vibes (or prayer), Mood (How I’m going to set the mood/feel good): Music, Audible, Book, etc. Grateful for (a paragraph or two, just free write), Goals (personal and business), High Vibe (words that describe your highest self).

Which then leads into how to “balance” work mom life LOL.  

  1. I’ve let go of balance and decided there are things that will not require my attention/or are do not best serve myself or family. 
  2. I map out my week, then get macro and break it down into chunks each day. 
  3. Shit can wait until tomorrow or next week.
  4. I decide what is going to give me the most ROI in work and life with joy. 
  5. I knock out the shit I don’t want to do first thing or this nagssss at me, sucks my joy. 

How to do this or ideas: 

Ask the kids for help, create a chore chart or daily to do’s for your kids, yourself or family. 

Do things the night before, or if it takes just a few minutes – DO IT. 

Create a routine for life and work, execute it and stay consistent.  Adapt what works for you. 

ASK for HELP!  You don’t have to do it all. 

DELEGATE to someone that can do it, can do it better than you or more efficiently. Is it going to save you time? Money? energy?

How to work smart/efficently: 

Time Batch

Take away distractions

Set AlarmsI make myself/ a mutha fucking priority. 

I listen to my body/mind and when I’m checked out and I can checkout, I allow myself to be.  I’ve found I am much more productive when I do this — Plus, I have found my “hot” working hours.  

Continue to learn and grow through podcasts, books and learning from others. Book Recommendations: Winning & Relentless. 

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