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Guest Britney Eldredge, is a health and nutrition coach. She is Britt’s “macro” coach, they sit down to discuss how they started to work together, why and what that looks like.  How to get started on your own health and fitness journey, tips, tricks and how to work with Britney Eldredge.

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She  just wrapped up coaching CrossFit before she moved from Utah to Colorado to start her new adventure of living in the mountains and fixing up their cabin in the woods into their home. She is passionate about the outdoors and movement. Loves mountain biking and cooking. She love jalapenos and want to grow a garden big enough to feed herself year round. She loves being a dog mom to Aiyo (mini aussie) and Roxy (vizsla). She also loves comedy and reggae music. Love working intimately with clients and seeing them become happier and more fulfilled in life.

On this episode we discuss:

( 2:43 ): Episode starts around the campfire and Brittney asks, “If you’re hanging out around the campfire, what are you sippin’ on or snackin’ on? Do you have a go-to?”

( 6:20 ): Britt asks, “Did you grow up being active and playing sports? or how did you get introduced to health and fitness?”

( 8:06 ): Britney Eldredge shares how she got into working out and CrossFit, which lead her to her CrossFit coaching.

( 11:21 ): Britt asks, “As a teenager what had you going to the gym at the early class? vs. after school?”

Blonde woman in the snow with her mini aussie and vizsla

( 12:40 ): Britt asks, “Coming from a devote LDS, very modest home was going to the gym and seeing people in their workout clothes, like: sports bras and shorts a shocker for you?”

( 14:12 ): Britt & Britney discuss the empowerment of feeling confident in your workout clothes and even just working out in a sports bra.

( 17:30): Britt asks, “How many years did you coach before you got into nutrition coaching?”

( 17:51 ): Britt asks, “Did you go back and forth with becoming a nutrition coach? and why did you become one?”

( 21:48 ): Britt asks, “How did you get introduced to Macros?”

( 23:00 ): They discuss how genetics come into play with upper body or lower body. Plus, Britt’s intake questionnaire when starting with Britney Eldredge.

( 25:05 ): Britt shares when she started working with Britney, and her tips for starting with before pictures and starting your health and fitness journey.

( 26:40 ): Britney E shares her approach to coaching and key indicators for success.

( 28:06 ): Britt shares why she started working with Britney. Where she was emotionally as a working mom and getting out of a funk. How Brit helped her get healthy from the inside out!

( 33:34 ): Britt asks, “Can you walk us through what it’s like to get started with a nutrition or macro coach and what someone can expect when working with you?”

( 38:25 ): Britt shares why she always recommends Brit to everyone and why she is different. Helping with mindset, non restrictions, etc.

( 39:42 ): Britney E shares what her personal brand of coaching is.

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