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This week on Reckoning . . .

We have Guest Jeremiah Doughty, is a wild game chef from Southern California. His passion for the outdoors started at a very young age, but his love for it started many years later. In 2010 he had a realization that we discussed that brought him into the large mammal hunting world and I harvested my first antelope in 2011. He quickly found out that it was harder than I had thought. He  struggled to find people to help him and shape him within the industry.He struggled to make the meat taste good along with trying to butcher and hunt. After understanding the basics of wild game meat, he quickly found himself as one of the guys people looked up to for simple & easy wild game recipes. 

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In 2016 he founded From Field To Plate as a tool for others to use and learn from.He did not have anyone there to help him when he first started in the outdoors and did not want anyone else to have that struggle. So he founded a blog with stories and recipes. In 2017 he started a hands-on 4 day hunting, butchering & cooking school in South Texas. The classes have been mentioned in Outdoor life, NWTF, Mossy Oak and other magazines. He has since taken over 300 new and veterans hunters into the field and kitchen. He has evolved his business into a thriving social media outlet, passion projects, recipes and soon launching his first cookbook. His passion for the outdoors grows every day and he can’t wait to change the Hunting Industry with a fork and a knife.

On this episode we discuss:

( 3:08 ): Episode starts around the campfire and Brittney asks, “If you’re hanging out around the campfire, what are you sippin’ on or snackin’ on? Do you have a go-to?”

( 4:49 ): Brittney asks, “How did you get introduced to the outdoors?”

( 6:46 ): Brittney and Jeremiah discuss bird (upland game) hunting.

( 8:10 ): Brittney asks, “What got you in to being a wild game chef?”

( 25:00 ): Brittney and Jeremiah discuss why the word “gamey” doesn’t’ fit the flavor profile for wild game and why a lot of wild game chefs don’t like this word. Learn how to make your wild game not taste “gamey” and how to work with the wild game, like venison, elk or duck.

( 27:56 ): Brittney asks, “Does it bring you a lot of joy as a chef to watch people eat wild game or try new things for the first time and enjoy it?”

( 30:00 ): Brittney and Jeremiah discuss how to change the preconceived motion of wild game tasting bad or not being able to use the meat from the animals you’ve harvested. How to introduce other adults or kids to wild game and have it be a positive experience.

( 36:22 ): Brittney and Jeremiah discuss how grateful they were to be hunters and have wild game meat in their freezers during the pandemic. Plus, how others were impacted by the availability of the food.

( 38:44 ): Brittney asks, “What is something during field care that hunters can do to help ensure they have the best meat they can get? or what is something you see done too often that we could change, and help?”

( 43:43 ): Brittney asks Jeremiah, From Field to Plate “What are your favorite knives for butchering and skinning wild game?”

( 46:27 ): Brittney asks, “As we are going into fall, hunting and specifically big game season: What is your go-to easy recipe for someone new to cooking wild game or a recipe that would turn anyone into a wild game lover?”

( 53:37 ): Brittney asks, “What has it been like introducing your daughters to the outdoors?”

( 1:00:00 ): Brittney and Jeremiah discuss how hunting is different for women and why. Jeremiah explains why he thinks women are better hunters than most men.

They discuss how do we give little girls and women the lane to be apart of the field and the hunting industry. Jeremiah shares his experience being in the industry and the women in it.

( 1:04:00 ): Brittney shares to how she relates to hunting is different for men vs. women but also the double standard of not getting the big trophy as a woman and her hunt on the Book Cliff’s. Learning it’s not all the glory in a “trophy” it’s the memories and the harvest.

( 1:06:00 ): Brittney, “As someone who was raised by a man that took her outdoors and hunting, I still hear my dad’s voice of encouragement in the woods or throughout life when things are hard. Even if it’s the “little” life lessons we had while outdoors. I think you’re girls one day will have that too and I hope they do.”

( 1:06:00 ): Jeremiah shares taking his dad on his first big game hunt and how his daughters now are already taking in and using what words of encouragement or tips he’s shared with them.

( 1:09:00 ): Brittney and Jeremiah discuss how not all women in the outdoors, hunting industry are truly thinking of the impact they have on other women and young girls, and the experience they could have. How we can go about being mindful of this for everyone.

( 1:16:18 ): Brittney, “We appreciate you coming on! Do you have anything exciting coming up that you can tell us about?”

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