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On this week’s episode Brittney visits with her bff as so many are “hanging out” with theirs and really how they are doing everything these days from work to social gatherings via Zoom since the recent pandemic.  Kristen and Brittney have been friends for over 8 years. they discuss how they met working in corporate and how they were both then laid off. Discussing how both of their journeys through the process. Kristen opens up about her then deciding to move from Utah to Texas for a job. Don’t miss them discussing their favorite Girlfriend chats from having friends at 30 years and older, dating in quarantine, Outlander, Tiger King and more! 

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Discussions & Questions of the Grit & Grace Podcast Reckoning interview with Kristen

(4:22) Brittney Introduces guest Kristen 

(7:28 ) Back story how Brittney and Kristen through working in corporate and then were laid off

(8:47) Brittney and Kristen Discuss getting laid off from their jobs, Kristne explains how she took the a job and decided to move to Texas.  Where her company she moves out of state for then closes after just a few short months. How she adjusted to her move, finding a new job and starting fresh.  

(12:17) Brittney asks, “What do you think your mindset was to move to dallas?”  “Did you just decide, whatever, what else could go wrong?!” “How did you make that big decision?”

(15:20) Brittney asks, “Now that you’ve lived it and made that big move, what would you tell someone contemplating the same thing or something you wish someone would have told you or you wish you knew?” 

(19:16) Kristen talks about working with incredible leaders and what she believes helps make them so incredible + creating great morale, atmosphere.  

(20:51) When people say that’s not my job. . . 

(21:37) Brittney shares how they are implementing chore charts and how they discussed doing things even if it’s not on their designated “responsibilities” of a chore chart.  

(23:40) Brittney asks, “Speaking of being a good human.  What has been your quarantine conundrum?”  

(26:34) Kristen talks about being single, dating in 2020 and during a quarantine.  She explains to Brittney dating on apps and how it works these days.  

(28:57) Brittney shares how she has shifted her outlook on the quarantine working and doing her kids school from home.  Kristen and Brittney discuss how they are shifting their mindset about it all to stay sane, find the silver linings and take advantage of the time they have been given to slow down.  

(32:34) Brittney asks, “Are you working on a new project right now to stay busy at home during the quarantine?” Discuss: Puppies and gardens.  

(35:18) Brittney confronts Kristen about not telling her about the Starz tv show Outlander and they discuss all things Outlander.  No spoilers!  

(38:11) The interview gets disrupted in true mom in quarantine fashion by Britt’s kids!  We kept it in, because all you moms out there. YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE.  

(40:26) Kristen reminds Brittney about how we all thought that her last baby was a girl. . . she got a boy!  Best. thing. Ever.  

(41:05) They swing back to discussing Outlander 

(44:01) The girls discuss having friends when you are over 30 what that means and wine favorites.  

(48:24) Brittney introduces Kristen to Tiger King on netflix.  Giving her the breakdown of the show, homework to watch it and then to let her know which sanctuary she chooses to live at. Hypothetically of course, Claire! 

(50:48) Brittney ask, “You are busy working woman.  Do you have a routine that keeps you happy, productive and balanced?”  

(55:30) The girls discuss how they are getting their workouts in during social distancing and using trampolines to keep you youthful and fit  

(56:55) The interview is interrupted again due to a bad game of heads or tails. LOL.  The girls wrap up and plan their next social distance hang out.

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X, Brittney

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