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Hi, i'm Brittney

A Daily To Do List for Female Entrepreneurs.

Needing an efficient, spacious but pretty to do list to get your work and personal things done?  Girl, me too.

After a year of writing out my daily to do list in a plain college ruled notebook.  Taking bits and pieces I loved from other planners, check list and what works.  I compiled the Boss Babe To Do List.

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How the To Do List works & why:

Put the date! Even better, print out enough for your week.  Fill in what the dates for the week are.  Any appointments and things you know you already have.  Then the night before really fill in the next day of what’s ahead. Set your intentions.  You may be surprised how much more productive you are and less stressed.

Write down what you are grateful for first thing in the A.M.  Even if that’s a cup of coffee! You have the ability to be reading this, on some sort of device.  You are blessed.  This helps ground us and push us through out the day.  Ever read or watched The Secret?  Check out “The Secret” on Netflix. This will give you a little look into gratitude, intentions and affirmations.

Write out your To Do for the day.  I’ve included Workout and Dinner. Always plan out how you will move your body that day. Giving you energy to tackle the to do list and getting it out. of. the. way! “x” that pretty little box and feel like a million bucks! Plan out Dinner first thing. This way you already know what you will be having, what you need to set out, etc. Don’t you hate that feeling when 4pm rolls around and you think “ah hell. . . what am I going to make for dinner?!  They need to eat AGAIN!” *palm to forehead*  These make you think it through and plan. Giving you one less thing to stress about and an activity to keep the stress at bay.

Business To Do Pick your TOP PRIORITY items and put them here!  Use the To Do List for work as well but what are your priorities, what do you need to focus on.  Maybe you realize it’s enough to fit in just this box and day-to-day can take up the other.  The beauty of the list is you decide what goes where.  Each day may be different.

Notes because thoughts, phone calls and doodles.  I’ve started to write down “I will. . . ” and “I am . . . ” here for positive affirmation and confidence.

Celebrate because whether you built a fort today or an empire of a business.  Who ever your people are, they need you! Celebrate the big things, the little things.  The things that made you feel amazing.  We are always so focused on what we didn’t do at the end of the day, celebrate what you DID DO today! I was inspired to add this to my daily to do list after listening to the Style Your Mind Podcast by Cara Alwill Episode 42 I have loved being able to celebrate that I do a lot even if it’s the damn laundry and answering emails. I usually have done something or experienced something incredible that I would have let slip through the cracks if I didn’t reflect at the end of the day.  It turns out, it motivates you for the next.  You become your own cheerleader.

Needing more boss babe podcast to listen to?  Check out The Best Boss Babe Podcast Recommendations! 

I know what it’s like to be a busy business owner, mama, wife and ALL the other things I decide to be that day.  A few simple little things like having my scrambled loud mind out on paper, or writing down what needs to be done WHEN I’m asked. Those things make me a happier wife, mama and person!
Check out my tips for staying happy and healthy when working from home to help ya out just a little, and maybe add a a few of these to your daily routine. 

I hope having an outline to keep you going does the same! What’s your number one thing you always put on your to do list?  Where did this start?

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XX, Brittney


FREE To Do List for Female Entrepreneurs

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