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You are wanting to get on board with Podcast but don’t know which podcast to listen to as a female enterpreneur?  I have rounded up the BEST podcast to start listening to for women below.

Best podcast for female Entrepreneurs

Does anyone else get lost in the podcast rabbit hole?  Taking a shower, Podcast.  Doing dishes, Podcast.  Leaving to sit in carpool early just to listen to. . . you got it a PODCAST!

When I actually get the chance to interact with an adult, I find myself referring to a podcast I’ve listened to.  I use to feel embarrassed that my “friends” resulted to my connection to my Podcast app and then I realized the incredible leaps and bounds these bad ass podcasts have helped me make.  I’m filling my life with positivity, working on myself,  facing stuff and putting it all out there. It’s making me the person I want to be and I am receiving it ten fold.  Thank you God!

So, if you are feeling lonely in this crazy new online world we are living in.  Look no more, here’s a few of your new best friends, Let me introduce you. . . and yes, you can sit with us!

Style Your Mind

Familiar with the books The Champagne Diet or Girl Code? Yeah that’s this bad ass chick! Need a quick pick me up? A powerful mantra to help you build your empire? Interviews with other crazy awesome women? You need this podcast in your life.

Cara has a way of speaking to the women’s  entrepreneurial soul. As a life coach she does just that for me. I swear we have mini sessions everyday as I sit in the hell you call carpool. That I now because of Mrs. Cara,  leave early to sit in serenity with her while we wait.

This podcast literally is what got my ass in gear and inspired me to say “Screw it! I can and I will!” Every episode I have something new I’ve learned and I’m refreshed. She helped me realized, through her sharing her struggles with anxiety that it’s an energy you need to put into something else. This has made one of the most important impacts on my life. I use my anxiety in a positive way now by using that energy for good. I am forever grateful to her for this!

Another BIG takeaway: I deserve nice things and to treat myself. I will live the life I want to create. (Another post coming in this soon, it’s good!) I will be the woman now that I want to be. Creating the life and business I am meant to.   Cara, thanks for filling up my cup and showing me the power of affirmation.

 The Influencer Podcast

Meet Julie Solomon. She has the voice of an angel.  Seriously, listen to her and tell me she isn’t so soothing, inspiring and zen. A PR and Marketing Strategist answers all thing influencer.  If you are a blogger, vlogger, social media queen, online business owner, etc you should be required to listen to this.

I re-listen to podcast because they are so jam packed full of info as she interviews the top dogs in all aspects of the influencer world.  She is smart.  She can interview so eloquently you would think she had known exactly what you would want to ask. It feels intimate, as if it was just yourself, her and the interviewee in the room giving you all the best insight from years of experience.

If you are trying to crack the ever-changing social media algorithims, needing a boost of confidience as you are just starting out, a veteran looking to keep growing and make a risduale income.  Julie is the woman for you.  I honestly cannot get over the wealth of information she provides us for free.  Prepare to be inspired!

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

Lauryn & Micheal are married couple you can’t help but love. Their relationship is relatable and real, they actually annoy each other and admit it! *gasp* Their honesty with each other reminds me of my hubs and I. Lauryn is the badass creator of The Skinny Confidential she has a no bullshit attitude, killer work ethic, love for health and beauty.

She is someone to listen to. She has been in the trenches (and if I know Lauryn. Probably covered in sunscreen and in her ski mask. If you are familiar with her, you’ll know what this means.  If not, listen!)  They interview other amazing entrepreneurs and pick their brain just like you’d want to if you got the chance to speak with them yourself.

Michael is smart, he’s a marketing genious and having him be a part of the podcast was genious.  To have another perspective and ask questions from a very business/marketing stand point is helpful.  I love being able to hear the husbands side of being married to a blogger/influencer.  Listneing to this podcast I’ve learned to have your own voice! Don’t be afraid to write, speak and post like you. GAME CHANGER!  Be careful, they are contagious!

Awesome with Alison

Alison, Alison, Alison. . . and Eric too!  Another couple that co-host together.  I love hearing couples interact in such an original authentic fashion because the husbands almost keep us creatives “grounded” or help us not be so hard on ourselves. It makes me smile to hear this.

Alison is a branding genius.  If you aren’t following her spunky personality, bedazzled bra and cute family (can I say that in the same sentence?!  She’d forgive me!) on Instagram, you are missing out big time.

I love that Alison pulls from her life.  She isn’t afraid to get real REAL. Shed a tear or snort of laughter.  She speaks from years of experience in branding herself and blogging + putting her methods to practice and others success using her methods.

She gives you thought mcnuggets: Girlfriend can get DEEP.  It’s usually something you needed to hear that day, whether personally or on a business front.  Getting Bookie with it: Audible junkie fills you in on thoughtful take aways and gives book recommendations. Someone finally says it “No one cares about your kids!” segment, where they share fun moments about their kids.  Kids in small doses people/not on your business page if that’s not part of your brand.

Need some feel goods? Major inspo to lose weight emotional and the lbs too? Alison is it. Her Branding Course is hollering my name too!

Goal Digger

Jenna gets it! She gets the hustle  being in a small town and not letting those odds fight against her to build her dream of having a successful business. Ever feel like your a serial entrepreneur and wonder if that’s a bad thing? (It’s not by the way, just ask Jenna!) She took her love for photography and went full time then took on the online world while doing it!

She gives her advice from starting to small, how to grow, pricing breakdown, social media strategy breakdown and way way more! She freaking cares and loves sending you “home” with a freebie of what you discussed  so if you are like me and are on the go when listening  you can go back, print it out and put it to good use! Plus, girlfriend loves her a good pair of yoga pants and keeping it real! Thanks Jenna!

Rich Bitch Podcast

Angie is the Rich Bitch behind this hustle.  She is a no bullshit kind of a girl.  One after my own heart really.  Her tough love attitude is just what I have needed to say screw it! I’ve got this!  She is a business coach who works with women online business owners.  She herself is one.  With launching an eBook, to membership sites, raising prices and learning to say f*ck it.  I’m doing this.  This chick lights a fire under your ass and I have to say since listening to her I have said just that.  “Here is your permission slip to be successful!”

See a pattern there?  I’m sure you do.  It can be a lonely world being a boss babe, especially if you are doing it online.  These podcast are like my communication with the outside world, it’s comforting to listen to an adult who is ahead of you, even if it’s a few steps ahead.  They have paved the way for us. They get the struggles.  They know what it’s like to want to live in leggings all day.  Not shower.  Forget the outside world above your computer and phone.

I’ve been brought out of funks (yes, funks with an “s”) Inspired beyond belief.  Able to niche down to my person.  Create.  Breathe. Cry. Laugh and snort. and light a fire in my soul and under my ass to take my idea and turn it into a business.  Live the life I’ve created in my head and bring it to life, thanks to a little personal development/self help/motivation whatever you call it.  Give them a listen!

I’d love to know if you fall in love with any of them the way I have

P.S. What are some of your favorite podcasts?

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