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Getting ready to go camping? or just got a new trailer/RV? See all of the top recommended gear and accessories you need to have in your trailer today to make for easy set, a comfortable camping trip, keep your organized and be glad you had!

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We have a pretty good system when it comes to setting up camp. Once we get the trailer in the spot and we are ready to set up/make camp. Cody unloads the buggy, while I set out the outside stuff, then he sets up outside. I take on the inside of the trailer. I run out slides, bring down the bunks, set up table and start getting settle in. The boys are beyond helpful and every time we go without them, we realize how much they do. Ha! It usually takes us about 15 minutes before we are set up and relaxing in camp mode.

What’s the best trailer or RV accessories for setting up camp?

These are some of our favorite things we have set up outside of our toy hauler. This is usually what Cody or the boys get set up, so we can get ready to kick it.

RV Blocks, so you’re not looking for just the right size of rocks, etc to level your trailer. Tell me you haven’t used rocks or random 2x4s out of your bed before ????. — Cody prefers the lumber. We have these and they’ve come in handy.

RV/Outdoor Rug. Full disclaimer, we lucked out and have a huge piece of turf we bring with us. It’s nice, and anytime it snows it melts off quickly. However, the dogs love to come use grass like they are trained too, AND it’s heavy. I’d get one of these bad boys because they are light weight and have a range of sizes. Like HUGE sizes.

It’s nice to have place to hang, kick off shoes before you go inside our out of the mud, etc. — This sentence is making me feel like a yuppy. Ha!

What other accessories are great for outside of your camp trailer?

Aluminum Folding Platform Steps with Anti-Slip Surface – This is a MUST in my book. You never know where you will end up, and how far from the ground your steps are going to be. If you know, you know. This makes it nice to not have such a huge drop from your bottom step to the ground. SUPER helpful if you have kids or older campers. I love that it’s a wide platform. We keep it by the door and set it out as soon as our outdoor “rug” aka turf is down.

A collapsable garbage can for just outside your door is awesome! This way you can have a larger garbage with easy access from your RV AND importantly outside–no excuse to throw your damn trash where it belongs. It collapses into a disc, and really takes up no space at all.

This isn’t necessary, but if you have room a long folding table to put outside and against your trailer is really nice. We have a toy hauler so we have a bit more room, but even just a smaller table for storage, cooking outside, etc goes a long way. Get the ones that fold in half, and you can still have a long one, once you pop it all out.

What’s camping without cooking outdoors. We love doing hobo dinners/tin foil dinners in the campfire coals. However, our Camp Chef Three Burner Camp Stove is by far one of our most used “appliances”. I love drinking coffee in the woods and smelling breakfast on the camp chef. It’s nice to have any food smells outdoors, plus you can use all three burners and we always just use our griddle – to really prepare a full meal quickly. Carne Asada’s are MONEY on this!

What are the best most comfortable camp chairs and campfire set up?

Camp Chairs: Timber Ridge Directors Chair with side table, perfect for drinks and snacks. Double Camp Chair perfect if you are into cuddling, cuddling your dogs (Me!) or sprawling out to baskin the sun (Also, me!).

It’s no secret around here that I love a campfire. This is one of my favorite items. Perfect for when the conditions aren’t 100%, you haven’t gathered firewood yet, etc. Mama like-y this propane fire pit. Super easy set up and start.

Speaking of firewood. When I asked Cody (my husband) what his favorite things we have in the camp trailer are, I shouldn’t have been surprised by his answer:

Axe and Chainsaw. These are his without a doubt 100% NEED, items. He’s smart. You don’t have to haul a load of firewood, you can use one of these. Nothing gets someone excited like firing up a chainsaw or chopping some wood. HELLO OUTDOORS. We have arrived.

The boys also proudly hang our American Flag, every time we get to camp and it just seals the deal. Cody has the bracket attached to the front of the trailer on our stairs that access the roof, making it easy to mount. There is nothing more pretty then watching that flag fly agains the backdrops we are so lucky enough to experience with those we love.

When you enter our trailer we have a boot tray for everyone to keep their shoes and/or keep the dirt and mud in one spot + no searching for them. – This is also where I store our step when we aren’t camping/traveling. , Vacuum.

Don’t forget to keep things in there for entertainment for night or a literal rainy day like, Games: Cards, ALWAYS. I have so many memories playing cards around the table while camping and betting with oreos. Jenga, etc. We also keep: horse shoes, and washers (similar to cornhole) in to set out and play on nice days! Our tourney’s get pretty serious.

Have a TV and/or DVD player or what-have-you get a Dvd holder or case for keeping lots of options without taking up a bunch of space!

What are the best things to have in your Trailer’s Kitchen, for cooking: like accessories, organization or cleaning?

I’m going to list some essentials we use every day and night. That way you don’t get out in the camping and have an oh shit we forgot. . . moment. Rapid fire:

Plates, Forks, can opener, Spatula, pots and pans, cooking spray/butter, spices, toothpicks, oven mitts, small baking sheets, coffee cups, percolator, or Keurig coffee maker, coffee (duh), travel mugs, metal wine glasses, wine opener (this I have forgot our first trip, I got creative), wine/hard seltzers, trailer booze etc. (again, duh)

When you have limited spacing I highly recommend Pantry Organizers use these for your pantry, cupboards or fridge.

Knives, cutting board, graters and strainers. These are a MUST! Even better, this is a Cutting Board For Kitchen – 9-In-1 Multifunctional Cutting Boards – Durable Rice Husk – Collapsible Chopping Board – Space Saver – Fruit & Vegetable Slicer Kit – Strainer This one gives me a lady boner. We love something that is compact or organizes its-self! Easy access, simple and organized makes for a great trailer experience. NO CLUTTER!

These are nice to have on hand, you never know when you may need a measuring cup and they don’t take up hardly any room. Collapsible Measuring Cups.

Cleaning Favs: I have a swiffer, It breaks down easy and fits in a small little box. This small cordless vacuum is THE BEST idea ever! It’s small, battery operated and makes clean up easy + it fits in those small trailer spaces. One of my TOP picks! — This make a GREAT gift!

PRO TIP: We clean our trailer before we load up and leave. This makes it nice to come home and unload. It’s easier because everything is slid out or set up, and/or be taken down. If you are coming back then you get to come back to a clean trailer and relax. – Yes, sometimes we have to do a little cleaning after we load the buggy and get home but still what’s a little brooming vs a whole damn trailer to clean after a weekend?!

This Collapsible Laundry Tote Bag makes getting back home and clean up much easier. Just haul this into the house and into the laundry room. P.S. It makes for great storage or a way to haul stuff back out to the trailer for next time + it’s there for the next load of laundry adventures.

I don’t care who you are. You need these for your septic tank. Orange Citrus Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins and if you are looking for a Natural Enzyme Deodorizer & Waste Digester, Bio-Pak is a great option! We drop them in as instructed and have never had a smelly bathroom or odor from the tank.

Here’s your friendly reminder you need a First Aid Kit and a Fire Extinguisher.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Buy extra’s of your toiletries and make them “trailer” items, leave them there. Always know you have: Your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Do the same with medicine: Pain medicine, children’s, tums, etc. Have RV: sunscreen, bug repellent, etc.

Being prepared, the less you have to load in and out of the trailer is the beauty of having one. Make it your home away from home! When we first got ours we did a big haul of things we “needed” and have slowly added over time, learned the hard way. I hope this list helps you and gives you some easy ideas to help you enjoy your next adventure!

What accessories or gear do you love having in your trailer?

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