5 Camping Meal Ideas for Hunting (Quick, Easy & Healthy)


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Hi, i'm Brittney

This week Britt goes solo to give you 5 Camping Meal Ideas for Hunting that work for one, groups, families & kid-approved.  Feed your inner hungry man with these delicious, quick, and easy comfort food ideas for your next camping or hunting trip.  Recipes include ideas for dinner using venison, ground meat, chicken, shrimp, chili, and a couple of extra breakfast and dessert ideas. 


On this episode we discuss 5 Quick & Easy Meals for Hunting Camp:

( 0:35 ): so I just discovered how to set up a new fancier situation based off of my Zoom traveling equipment. And also I realized that I’m like, really fucking good. Just kidding. I had a moment Halsey was on while I was figuring it out. And then obviously, I have a microphone, so of course you would sing. It will not be released. Don’t you worry about that. I am back with a another episode.

Clearly Hey, what’s up? How’s it going? It is the first week of the bow hunt. And I have nothing yet to prove for that. Except for some cuss words and moments spent with my bow because you know, the string stretched in that school. That’s fine. It’s cool. Whatever.

I wanted to come in though, because we are going to we as a collective you me, I, All of us will be starting to spend, I think even more time camping as we head into fall, because the hunts are coming up all the things and I thought what better time to break down our five favorite camping meals.

I think a lot of you guys like seeing our camping ideas and what it is that we’re doing as far as food. I know you guys really liked the Dutch oven potatoes. So, I wanted to give you our camping meals, maybe some ideas because some people when it comes time to like figuring out what the hell you’re going to be eating. It’s a little bit overwhelming, and I get it. But I have kind of a list that I’ve saved in my phone. Under my notes, just a little hack for you.

Save your favorite camping meals. If you make something and your family likes it or you like it or was super easy. Put it in your phone so that you kind of have a little Rolodex of you if you will have some ideas. So when the time comes and you’re like we got to camp this weekend, what are we going to make, then you have something.

These are some of our go-tos that we usually will be making every weekend or like one of these for sure will be always on the menu for camp. I wanted to start with like five working my way down to one is like our favorite meal. But I think it would depend on who’s eating it. We all have different tastes.

Let’s start with our kids go to and have Cody’s listening. He probably knows exactly what I’m talking about. We know this is always going to be if I asked the kids what they want for hunting camp. This is going to be it. They are called Walking tacos.

Have you heard of walking taco? I think there’s probably a few different ways to make walking tacos. This is how we make our walking tacos. It’s super gourmet. Okay, we take your favorite bag of chips. This is where the walking taco comes in people. I usually just go to Costco or Walmart and get the box of like 40 or 20 whatever it is a big box of individual chips.

How to make Walking Tacos, and what you need:

You’ve picked your favorite chips. Some of our favorites are Doritos always in forever. Fritos. Cheetos are a good one. We went in really healthy on this one. LOL. You take your favorite bag of chips. You have that right? Solid.

What you’re putting inside of here you can either just make your everyday ground taco meat using your favorite taco seasoning. Your favorite venison or whatever. You can just use a packet if that’s your kind of thing. Usually I can’t use the taco seasonings. So I just make my own with obviously just chili powder, cumin, garlic salt, pepper, a little tajin, some chili flakes and make your taco seasoning from there.

You could just put it you can crunch it up to your bag of chips and you can put your taco meat in there or if you want to elevate a little more, you know, just make it that much more healthy. Then one of my favorite things to do is because it’s like comfort food and everything melts together. I like to add that Some really good chili into the taco meat and stir that all together. So you just really get like this beefy chili happening. And we put that in there.

Let me tell you how to layer this Walking Taco. There is a method.

( 5:16 ): First, take your bag crunched up your stuff right in the bag, everything’s going inside the bag, you’re walking with your taco, then put your cheese on top of the chips, then your meat, whether you just did taco meat or taco meat with some chili in there. Then you can add your favorite lettuce, sour cream, hot sauce, avocado, whatever, whatever floats your boat, added in there that didn’t give a little stir. And that’s it.

Walking tacos are kids’ favorite meal at camp and most requested, it’s something super easy.

It’s something that I always like I have all this stuff on hand usually in the trailer so that we ever roll into camp late one night. I know walking tacos easy, everyone’s happy. And after a long, cold day, it really does hit a spot.

For me, I usually end up I always bring lettuce. And if you like feel like you want to make it a little more healthy. I just basically make a taco salad is what happens on mine. Walking tacos. Number five.

( 6:17 ): All right, what’s number four. So many options. Let’s go a little healthy after after that situation. Number four shrimp of oil packets. I like these because if you’ve ever made like a foil packet or a hobo dinner, that’s what we always call them growing up.

Sometimes, depending on what you’ve got going in there, it seems like they can take forever where you’ve got like carrots and potatoes, la da da da. There’s a time and a place for that when you’re just camping. Great fine, you have nowhere to be but for me personally if I’m going to be one of the people hunting or on the hunt helping, which is most likely what’s happening. I don’t want to be waiting around forever for something to cook and finish. And you’re rolling into camp late and you’re ready to fucking eat.

Shrimp foil packets, I like them because shrimp obviously cooks super fast. And it’s nice to kind of get something different as far as having seafood when you’re camping, I guess. I mean, if you’re not catching, catching like trout or something, I like having the option of just something fresh like seafood. It cooks fast and it’s healthy. It kind of offsets everything right? Balance.

How to make Shrimp Foil Packets with Veggies for a campfire and What you need:

So what do we have in these? I just get shrimp and I get the peeled and deveined shrimp already because I don’t want to be doing that. And it’s uncooked. And then I’ll take our favorite vegetables. This is kind of like whatever your heart desires. I mean, you guys can get really creative with this.

I do asparagus peppers and mushrooms is what we’ve done usually and then I will take the this is one of the things that I really enjoy is the Traeger makes a big seasoning. And it’s called fin and feathers. I love the way it tastes with everything!

I’ll throw some oil in there some avocado oil or butter and just put pads of butter in there. And then also squeeze some lemon, wrap them up like you would any other foil packet and throw it in the coals and it seriously takes like 10 Maybe 15 minutes. You just watch it until your shrimp is cooked. Open it up. The vegetables have been steamed and it’s got all that flavoring and the shrimps cooked and it’s something just really fresh and good to eat.

Which I think sometimes fresh is good. You know what I mean? I mean, sometimes you just want something like fresh and light. And yeah, there’s a shit ton of protein in shrimp.

Slow Cooker or Instant Pot Italian Chicken with Rice:

Speaking of not wanting to be cooking all the time. Another one of our favorites is called Italian chicken. I like prepping this ahead of time. Italian chicken – I guess what’s Italian about it is technically just the seasoning. I don’t think there’s a whole lot actually Italian to it.

But this is a recipe that I grew up with my mom making and I have yet to find somebody that doesn’t like it. I know that Chandice does at This Vivacious Life has a recipe on her website for it. She’s my sister, and the Italian chicken is super easy to make.

Like I said I’ll just throw it in the crock pot ahead of time in the week and let it go throughout the day your house will smell delicious. And it’s good to go and then you can throw it in a Ziploc bag you can freeze it and then you can thaw it out when you’re ready to have it at camp.

What’s in Italian Chicken?

Zesty Italian packets or I know This Viviacious Life I think has a homemade recipe for it. I would just buy the Zesty Italian packets, two packets of that seasoning, two packets of cream cheese, and two cans of cream of chicken soup.

Now, since having to adapt everything based off of just my food sensitivities and allergies, what I end up doing is I end up making homemade cream of chicken soup, which is so unbelievably easy. It’s crazy. It literally takes maybe 10 minutes to make. So I’ll make that homemade.

Then I will end up throwing in some logs of goat cheese and then still the seasoning packets and then your chicken breasts. There’s chicken in there, I think I forgot that. And then just frozen chicken all into your slow cooker. Or you can make it an instant pot all in there.

Then once it’s cooked through, then you just shred the chicken. And you can serve this over rice or pasta. Always serve it with like a hot homemade roll is really good.

At camp, again, I’ll freeze this put it in the freezer, I’ll get it out when I know when we’re when we’re wanting to have it. And I’ll just heat this up into a pan make the rice which is super easy. I mean there’s all kinds of options for rice. And then I will usually just get some broccoli and serve broccoli with it. And then like I said a dinner roll as well.

This dish is something that especially as you get into the colder hunts, is something so warm and comforting. And this recipe is one of those recipes that gets better with time as it sits. Cody always says it tastes better the next day or two days later. So I think making it ahead of time and letting it sit is money. I highly recommend trying the Italian chicken!

( 13:00 ): Another one of our favorites for hunting camp and I probably have mentioned this show a couple of times. I’m getting so hungry talking about it are our carne asada tacos.

I like making this because we have a Camp Chef and we have a griddle like most people do. If not, you definitely need one you’re missing out. It’s so nice to cook outside and not make more dishes than you have. We like doing this because one, the meat cooks super fast. Again, I’m all about doing a delicious get quick meal when it comes to the hunting season and camping.

Carne Asada is obviously a thinner cut of meat. You can buy carne asada meat or just get a thinner cut of your favorite meat. You can do this with beef. Again your venison would be awesome. We did this with bear and it is but carne asada tacos.

Listen, I’m not like a professional chef. I don’t, I don’t know. This is like my white girl version of this, okay? Don’t come at me if I’m not doing it correctly.

What we do to make Carne Asada Tacos at Camp:

What we do is we will be able to because we have a 3 burner griddle, we can start our meat on one section will season that as we want. There’s plenty of your favorite seasonings. Again, you can look for like a carne asada seasoning or just come up with whatever you like. I’m the kind of girl that just likes to clearly just use what seasonings I have in the trailer. I’d keep stuff on hand for this and just kind of smell and do as I go and then obviously you got to have life

So as we cook our meat we can get that started and then on the other side, we can start warming up tortillas and make a big old stack of that.

( 15:06 ): This meal is great a recipe, especially if you’re going to be doing something as like a group of people and you’ll all want to go in on something or you’re feeding a large group of people at hunting camp, like a crowd or families.

This is a quick delicious meal that can feed a lot easily and without making a mess, which is awesome. Just make your meat your tortillas, we do corn tortillas, and then we have all of our favorite fixings, which varies from everybody.

We have avocado, we have pica de gallo- probably just fuck that up, and cilantro. We always have a lime. Like I said, literally, you have to, have to, have to finish it with lime. If anything, please finish it with lime, I’m telling you, it takes the flavor profile to a whole nother level. And then yeah, you just we usually just kind of like set up a big, make it how you want it situation.

So you got your meat, your tacos, or your meat, your tortillas, all your fixins and you can make carne asada is super easy.

Breakfast Idea for Hunting Camp:

I’ve mentioned a bunch of dinners and it only felt right when I think of hunting season and things that are requested from my family or from others or just since I’ve been going this is something that my mom always did and I kind of started doing for Cody. And that is frozen breakfast burritos.

I don’t know about you, but this is something that super nostalgic for me when I think of prepping food for going on the hunts. I always remember getting together with my mom and making a whole bunch of breakfast burritos. And it is something that is requested and something that is so nice to grab and go when you’re out in the mornings.

How to make frozen breakfast burritos:

If you haven’t made your frozen breakfast burritos, super easy. Again, this is kind of I like recipes where you can make it to you and who you’re feeding. Usually what we will do though is we will do make a huge batch of eggs hashbrowns bacon or sausage or you could do ham again, whatever you want.

And then you just start assembling them. And you take your tortilla, you put your eggs, your hashbrowns whatever you want inside there, wrap them up, wrap them in plastic wrap and then freeze those bad boys in the freezer. You can also put them in aluminum foil depending on how you want to heat them up.

Just make a huge batch of these. So then when it’s time to go and you’re not ready to eat but you know you want to eat, you can grab your burrito, and you can warm it up. If you bring if you do aluminum foil, you can warm it up on your motor, all kinds of things. I highly recommend breakfast burritos.

I’m curious like what’s the best thing you put in a burrito now that I’m talking about? What would be my ideal burrito? I would put eggs obviously, eggs, avocado does avocado that probably doesn’t freeze very well though. Some maybe not on that. Some jalapeno, some meat. And if I could eat potatoes in it but potatoes inside and then you always have to have if you do not have a mini backpack Cholula you’re not even living life.

Okay. Those are kind of our top five that are sounding really good to me right now. So I figured I would share. Those are always ones that hit the spot no matter who we have a camp who we have staying with us. I wanted to go through because like I mentioned I have that running list of recipes. My shopping list when it comes to camping so that I have a quick reference of stuff that we make.

Other quick and easy camping meal ideas:

Rapid fire. Ooh, another good one. Okay, rapid fire ideas. Sloppy Joe’s. I need to get my sloppy joe recipe up on the website because it is one of the best sloppy joe recipes. Again, it came from my mom who came from my grandma. That kind of thing sloppy Joe’s. Again, make that stuff ahead of time. Freeze it. It gets better with time. I’m all about like, do a little prep work. You know, for a couple of days. If you do it slow and freeze then it’s not a lot of extra work. Okay, sloppy joes.

We have obviously sandwich and wraps. That’s easy. Breakfast bagel. Oh my god, you could freeze those two ideas. Why are we not making breakfast? Frozen breakfast bagels. Okay, we got to get on that. A new article.

( 19:35 ): break throughs you can also do like fry bed fry bread tacos. Lasagna is an easy one. And then always, of course, we have chicken parmesan. That one’s super easy. I have a video for that I think on Instagram or Tiktok that one’s easy. Some noodles and pasta hits the spot.

@brittreckoning Easy Semi-Homemade Camping Dinner: Chicken Parmigiana w/ garlic bread (cooked over the coals). #campinghacks #campingfood #podcast #fypシ ♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

Hopefully those ideas are helpful for planning your next camping menu if you make them, I would totally love if you tagged me on Instagram at Bernie dot long, I would love to see what you do because like I said, it’s all of these kinds of are like a base and then you add what works for you. So it’d be really fun to see the way you tarp stuff or what you put inside of something, I mean, your food, okay, don’t need to see that.

Tips for planning and making the best camping meals:

I wanted to give you a couple tips. Like I said, I’ve mentioned these throughout the episode that I think will help make things easier and less overwhelming. Or prepping your food for camping. One, like I mentioned, make a running list in your phone, I always refer back to our list of our favorite camping mills. So that when it comes time to like, Oh, we’re going camping this weekend or in a couple weeks or trying to coordinate with friends as far as who will do what having that list is so clutch to be able, I am not old enough to say that or I’m too old to say that. Having that list comes in clutch There we go. For when that time comes because it’s just easy to refer back to something and not be racking your brain for that.

Then I always kind of underneath that create like an ingredients list as I’m going through needing it so then you kind of are building out like this awesome. Again, database of shopping, who’s type a baby, but it’s helpful guys, it’s helpful.

Next would be to prep ahead. Again, I mentioned the slow cooker or just making things like the sloppy joe made ahead of time using your vacuum sealer or an easy Ziploc bag, getting the air out of it and freezing it makes all the difference in the world.

Then just knowing like the night before putting it out and letting it thaw out and then be able to reheat it goes a long ways and knowing it’s nice having like that good delicious home cooked meal. And getting to have that warmth of it. Without all the prep work that’s going into it. You guys know this, I don’t have to tell you, you just want to get back to camp, relax, eat something good after a long day out. Definitely prep everything that you can ahead of time I think it’s super helpful even if it’s just like prepping half of it. And then finishing touches when you get to camp makes a huge difference.

That way you really get to enjoy being at Camp even if you aren’t going out hunting and you’re just kind of the camp host and you’re hanging out you’re there with the kids. For me personally, I kind of just like to be able to sit there and read my book and not have to worry about it. And then they roll into camp and you’re like Hey baby, got you a nice warm meal. That is how you win over.

Also my other favorite thing would be having like I mentioned our Camp Chef outside not only just for cooking a large dinner for everybody but also just being able to make breakfast outside it’s nice not being able to especially while it’s still kind of in the warm months of like August and September. I’m not heating up your trailer if you don’t need to and then again, cleanup is so much easier and sometimes you’re somewhere that you’re gonna be there for a while and water is a concern. And again, the dishes you’re not doing as many dishes and cleaning and griddle is much easier than cleaning three or four pans and all the other stuff.

I totally recommend we love our camp chef we have the three burner one and then a griddle that goes on top. I’ll link it below because in the show notes is honestly one of my favorite things and then they’re really not that much for what they are.

Easy & fun hunting camp desserts:

Oh, we didn’t talk about dessert. Oh my god. Okay I have to talk about dessert. I’m not actually a big dessert girl more of like a chips and salsa kind of a chick. But every once in awhile it hits the spot and again the nostalgia of like going out to camp and and the fall leaves and the crisp air. I always think about like the dump cake or a cobbler where you take your filling your fruit filling a box a cake mix, I think sweetened condensed milk and some butter and put it in there and it makes the most beautiful cobbler and the smell of that coming out of the camp trailer in the middle of fall.

There’s nothing like that. That would be one of my other tips for camping, a good dessert.

( 24:31 ): Other one. Campfire cones, you take your cone, you throw in like a cone, you know a waffle cone people a waffle cone and you take your mini marshmallows your chocolate chips you can slice bananas if that’s your kind of thing but some peanut butter in there. Again, the sky’s the limit whatever you want stuff in there you stuff in there. And then you wrap it up in aluminum foil, and you throw it in into the coals. Keep an eye on it. And it’s a more fun way to have s’more. You’re welcome.

Hopefully these were helpful. nothing if not I should show over here but I wanted to get this out. Hey, this is what you get sometimes hanging around the campfire with me. This is like morning campfire. This is Brittney, just drinking a whole bunch of coffee and needing to eat or go move. So we need to go do that.

If you want to get a rundown of these recipes, meaning a running list of everything that I just mentioned and the ingredients that go into them, you can swipe up on the podcast app that you are listening to us on. And underneath that will be the show notes and you can click Show Notes or article and that will take you to the article with the list of everything outlined for you.

You’ll be able to have that sent to your inbox if you click somewhere within there, we will send you our list that’s in my phone of all of our favorite recipes for camping and the shopping list that goes with that as well.

Again, if you make these I would love to see them posted on social media. Be sure to tag me at Brittney dot long or at the reckoning podcast so we can see what you guys made at camp. If you are listening to this and going out a hunt this weekend or whatever it is you’re listening to it. I wish you the best adventures have the best time stay safe and good luck.

Please don’t forget to subscribe if you’re listening to us on Apple podcasts leave a five star rating interview it seriously helps more than you know. If you took something away from this podcast or you enjoyed it. Please take a screenshot of you listening to it or selfie and tag us on Instagram at the reckoning podcast or me at Brittney dot long. We’re excited to chat with you next week.

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