Affordable Fall Makeup with Classic Wing & Dark Lip


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Hi, i'm Brittney

It’s no secret I LOVE me a good deep dark lip.  As we start to make our way into fall. I was on the hunt for my new staple dark plum lipstick this season. Affordable & a splurge option because YOLO.

When I came across these deep plum lipsticks by Burt’s Bees & Smashbox, I swooned when I opened up the lid and turned the lipstick upwards.  Angels may have sang as the lipstick rose up out of her tube.  The next morning I woke up excited and inspired to wear them. . . I had no where to go, just a day as a mama, no errands to run, just wear my lipstick and leggings.  I felt glam for my boys and those damn dishes that needed done.  THEN  I got a call that we were going to get together as a family for dinner. . . Wahoo!  My makeup wasn’t going to go to waste!  Ever have those days? Where your hair is on point, your makeup the best it’s looked in ages. Your glowing like the youthful goddess you are and no one sees it? Ha ha. You’ve had AT LEAST one of those days!

  (lightning is off but a more straight on shot)   (lightning is off but a more straight on shot)

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This look is simple. Classic. Doesn’t take long to do. Something about painting on that wing and lips says glam. It’s effortless in all the ways including your time. Time is essential. The less the best. Because of that I plan to wear this look over and over again throughout the season.  It works for the day time or you can wear it on a night out on the town. Take it up a notch and smoke out the eye a little for a little more sultry feel.

Here are the details on this affordable, simple but stunning fall look.


(Click pictures to shop it on Amazon!)


Apply your fav foundation with your damp beauty sponge. Mine is the Real Technique’s one listed above. If you haven’t tried a Beauty sponge you are missing out. Order it NOW! Leaves skin flawless but skin like. Plus it uses less foundation. Worth the purchase just for that!

Concealed and hightlighted the under eye. Skip the triangle pattern this DOES NOT suite many. Just under the yes. You won’t look like your face is dragging down. Apply to center of forehead, bridge of nose and cupids bow.

Apply Dark shade for contour on cheeks, nose and along hair line on forehead.  Used Dark contour shade as an eyeshadow by adding to the crease of the eye in windshield wiper motions with a fluffy brush.  P.S  this is my GO TO eyeshadow-the dark contour shade in the wet n wild pallet. It will make blue and green eyes POP! 

I did a winged eyeliner to make this subtle eyeshadow look glamours but still feminine and simple.  Taking it thinly from the inner corner of the eye and slightly winging it out in to what I would call a medium thickness wing.

Highlight on the top of the cheeks (high point just above them), the bridge of nose, cupids bow and center of chin.  I also used this as an eyeshadow and put in the center of my lid below my crease to add a slight pop/light to the eye, and lightly dusted the brow bone.

Use a brow powder (Brownie Points Eyeshadow) to fill in, lengthen and shape my brows using a dense angled brush.

My only other favorite lashes are these Ritzy lashes. (My ride and dies? the 11’s.)  I love that these are long enough without being over dramatic, and thickness but whispy so that you can still see the gorgeous shadow and lid behind them.  These were applied with Duo lash glue.

I really can’t wait until the weather cools down and leaves start to change. Feeling even more like fall. For now I’m sure if I do my makeup like this, put on my flannel and jean jacket that Mother Nature will catch on and bring me Autumn.

Am I the only one totally excited for fall? What’s your go to fall look? Do you go for bold lips or stick with a good ol’ nude? Spoiler alert: my husband does not like the dark lips. Sad day, I know. I blows my mind. So with him I usually go safe with a nude lip unless I’m feeling like a rebel. Again, maybe he’ll catch on if I just wear if enough. Ha ha. One can hope!

XX, Brittney

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  1. janna says:

    pretty color on you! I wear mostly nude bc find it’s harder to get to wear evenly and don’t want to have to worry about it.

    • Brittney Long says:

      Thanks Janna! These seem to wear well with a liner but do agree a dark lips can be something I’m thinking about the wear in my mind. You can’t go wrong with a nude.

  2. Trish says:

    I love everything about this! That lipstick color is point on! I have a question about the lashes you use. I am spending a fortune on lashes every 3 weeks. Are these durable?

    • Brittney Long says:

      Thank you Trish! These are so durable!! I love buying the 11’s I mentioned that come in a pack. HACK: You can totally re-use them! I removed the glue and then clean them with either a brow comb or the disposable mascara wands. Like brand new. You can get sooo many uses out of them. Plus they’ve held up on side by side rides, boating, etc. I need to share more details about lashes soon 🙂

  3. I love this lip color on you! Its stunning! You have made me want to try a bolder color!

    • Brittney Long says:

      Thank you!! So do it! Now is the time! . . .Literally, ha ha. It’s the season to really get away with it!

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