Makeup hacks for when you are out of what you need

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Ever have that moment when all of a sudden you’re out of EVERYTHING to get ready?!  Yeah, that was me this week.  Everything ran out at once.  (WHY?!!)  But this girl has to get ready for certain things, dark spots need to be covered.  Eyebrows need to be filled.  You get the gist.  I know I am not the only one who runs into this problem, so I figured I’d give you a few of my hacks for getting ready even when your out of the usual.


I personally love doing this next hack on a day to day bases on my top lash line/waterline.  Use your Mascara!  Basically you are tight-lining your lash line.  When applying your mascara start at the base of your lashes and you can touch your waterline, lash line.  This is a fast method to skipping liner and I swear it lasts SO much longer than most eyeliners.  Also, shadow can be used on the lash line and blended out, oh the color options and looks are endless with this option.


Makeup artist hack!  Thin out your foundation with moisturizer.  Make a little concoction on the back of your hand or pallet by adding your liking of coverage for the day by combining your foundation with your favorite moisturizer.  This is PERFECT for summer.  Use a moisturizer with SPF to take of the glowing sun if out and about.


Have some kind of red makeup?  Eyeshadow or eyeliner work great, you can even use lipstick but beware of creasing.  Apply and blend out thoroughly. Then apply your full coverage foundation over the top and it will help hide those dark spots.  **Red spots?  Add some green.


Eyeshadow works fantastic for this!  A very common eyeshadow to have on hand is a great neutral brown shadow, try out a few of them on your arm to find the right shade you are looking for and something blend-able.  REMEMBER you can always add more, so don’t be too heavy handed.  You can also use a brown liner if you have a cream foundation on and blend that out.  I love using darker shades of other foundations as well -You might have some on hand from that gorgeous summer tan you had 🙂
High-lighting can be done with eyeshadow as well.  Again use your arm to find the perfect satin shade to hit those points you want to high-light.


Man, once you start filling those brows it is HARD to not fill those bad boys.  So what to do?  You can use a eyeliner in your shade if you have one on hand.  These might take a lighter hand and you will probably need to comb through your eyebrows a bit more to blend them out.  Perk is I find when having to do this some eyeliners have a more wax like texture and help keep those hairs down.  Today I personally used a liner brush and some taupe colored eyeshadow I had, this does give a great natural feel to filling them in but if you are like me and you have brows that need a little shaping at the end (aka your eyebrows abruptly end) then shaping them out can be a trick but if using a good quality shadow can last a while, you may just need more touch ups.

I think it’s safe to say that if you have a good range of shadows it can make a great replacement for what you ran out of.  #LessonOfTheDay


Rock a fresh face when you can!  For some of us, we really have to get use to this idea and build up the confidence to do it but it all starts with just trying.  Wash your face.  Put on a great moisturizer and wear that confidence girl!  Confidence is the prettiest thing a woman can wear.

If all else fails and it’s just not your day. . . Hat’s can be a game changer too!

What beauty hacks do you use when you are out of a product that you use in your daily regimen?  I know sometimes I go through a phase and totally love my hack more than the actual product I ran out of and use that for a while.  Ever found a new way of doing things because you ran out of something?

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  1. Kristen says:

    Thank you so much for the pointers!! I love all the hacks you give! Total game changer in my makeup game!

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