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With close to a decade worth of experience in marketing and social media, I finally decided to set out on my own...

I've helped other influencers reach over $800K in revenue with my business, website & Pinterest marketing management. I saw a gap within the outdoor community . . . 
I'm the girl that feels sexiest when out in the woods covered in dirt, BUT I also love  beauty and fashion off the mountain. Cleaning up like you wouldn't believe, and encouraging others.  There is nothing wrong with loving BOTH! The only catfish around here are the ones we are catching & frying. 

Bringing adventures and nature to others through not only photo and video, but audio as well. 

Entertaining and educating through stories being shared. 

Inspiring others to either start or go on their next adventure.  With a new sense of confidence from the information or gear they obtained through our content.

We offer a unique perspective from a him and her view. Plus, an outdoor family dynamic.


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About My Audience

My followers find solace in the outdoors including generational and new outdoorsman. They are brand-aware, and shop at brands like Vortex, MTN OPS, Thrive Market, Scheels, Amazon and Ulta.  They have other fantastic qualities like being ambitious on and off the mountain, and appreciate content like video and audio.

  • 50% Women & 50% Men ages 25-45
  • enjoy personal, informal content
  • respond to original content + humor
  • particularly enjoy my EPISODES, TIKTOK, Pinterest & recommendations 
  • FOLLOW ALONG ON OUR ADVENTURES & share theirs with us!

past video & photography


Day-in-the-Life Adventures + Humor

Taking gear outdoors in everyday use as a hunter while showing humorous/relatable moments.

Demonstration  + Testimonial

Hitting pain points of needing energy and focus without a high amount of caffeine for the office or on the mountain, in day-to-day wellness routine + outdoors.

Beautiful product demonstration with a clean and simple background that can be used with several trending sounds.


Sharing gear for an outdoorsman, with hook, what's inside and CTA.

Demonstration + Testimonial

Hitting pain point of mid-day slump in the office or on the mountain, in day-to-day wellness routine + outdoors.

(Please note: most videos have trending sounds on the social media platforms and may not be shown here due to copyright laws)

Recipe | Trending Sound

Sharing an easy recipe to trending sound with a dedicated product. 

See on IG | Tiktok

First Impressions/Try On

Giving honest reviews about athleisure wear for women while trying on!


Dedicated photography of product. 

Vlog | Day-in-the-Life | Demonstration

photography portfolio →



Recipe development, process shots & outdoor photography of dish.



The Branded Collection Co.

Supporting small businesses in western fashion and outdoor accessories.


Organically showing supplements in day-to-day wellness routine + outdoors.

Clean beauty products for special occasion & everyday use.






Intrigrating product in to tanning routine that is informal, vlog style video. Campaign will be followed up with answering questions on video with replies, FAQ and a new vlog showing the wear of product, new application + afters. TikTok feed & story. As well as Pinterest Idea pins.
Stat's below are from TikTok only:

Post Reach on  ONE TikTok vlog video


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Post Reach on  one TikTok vlog video

"This is the first time I have been influenced on Tiktok!. . ."

Revenue of items shipped in 30 days







Showcasing new line of women's active wear for leggings and joggers, paired with active jacket. Campaign was done through unboxing, try-ons, humor videos & photos in the field. It was published on Instagram posts and stories. TikTok feed & story. As well as Pinterest Idea pins.

Post Reach on  ONE TikTok humor video


Impressions across all social platforms


Instagram Comment

"My box just got here with my leggings!!! I'm about to open it now! . . I got the joggers too!"

Post Reach on  one TikTok humor video


Product or service INTEGRATION 

Gift Guides

Pinterest pins

ASMR Videos

Unboxing Video

Video content creation or UGC for short-form videos for TikTok, Instagram & Pinterest. Includes basic editing (cuts, text, voiceovers) 

Video Product Demonstrations

Product Demos

Brand Ad Podcast Placements

Script Reads



This show brings real, insightful conversation to your earbud. You can hear Britt’s energy in her voice. She is her own force to be reckoned with and each episode brings new and engaging info. But her warmth and obvious delight in what she is created makes you feel as if you really are sitting around a campfire with an old friend. Xx

— Kel @Ping Adventures, Guest & Apple Review

“Practical tips!”

Good tips and tricks! Especially food ideas for hunting!

— M.E. Phone Home!, Apple Podcast Review

“Grab a cuppa and sink in!”

Hearing Brittney interview her amazing guests literally makes me grab want to grab cup of coffee and stop doing whatever I’m doing and just listen. Not trying to do a million things at the same time…but really sink into the cozy conversation. A must listen!

— btngroupie, Apple Podcast Review

“Like sitting around the campfire with a friend…”

I love listening to Brittney and this podcast. She is so real and it feels like you are just shooting the breeze around the campfire. Grab some mallows and pull up a camping chair!

— Chandice-This Vivacious Life, Apple Podcast Review

client list

Brands I have worked with for in-person live events.  Branded Podcast Ad Placement. Video & Photography campaigns. Marketing strategy created for digital or product sales or website traffic. Done through social media, email, and Pinterest marketing. 

Taste Maker Conference
This Vivacious Life
Life is but a Dish
Tonic Site Shop
Frosting & Fettuccine
Sam Adler Photography
Cook with Confidence
Paleo Running Momma
The Wooden Skillet 
Rugged Road Outdoors

(Click the brand to learn more and see our work)

There are a million influencers. Here's what makes me different:

Both men and women who love the outdoors, wellness, business & beauty.  Who aren't afraid to explore, invest in their gear or go the extra mile. 

Telling a story through a short video with a killer hook. (not the fishing kind) Micro vlogs for TikTok bringing the outdoors or newest tips to our audience. Going into the field, woods, or mountains, and capturing in motion! 

Taking our experience helping other influencers and adapting them into reaching our audience in the outdoor community.


The specialty I provide when it comes to content is as follows, and you can expect a standard of excellence, communication, and cooperation.

Q. Why invest in content creation?

  1. Brands with social media presence give an opportunity to create a community with their consumers.
  2. Relatable content improves conversions.
  3. Our content can be used for various projects/campaigns.

Yes, licensing and usage rights can be signed over to the brand to use/edit. This can be factored into content creation packages. Allowing the brand to stay up to date with ever-changing trends, such as sounds.

Q. Can we white label for ads?

We know how important it is to have a compelling image or hook within the first 3 seconds.  Show a problem agitator and the solution, benefits, or features. With an authentic testimonial and closing with a CTA.

Q.  Content strategy?


Let’s Collaborate

and create something unique.

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If you're into harvesting your own organic meat through hunting while loving some good high-maintenance, low-maintenance beauty. Firing up your smoker, and using that wild game. Plus, great conversations around the campfire about all things outdoors, wellness, entrepreneurship, life & more.
You've come to the right place!

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